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Our Post is located in Mulberry, Florida between Tampa and Orlando, on State Hwy 37, about 12 miles south of I-4 and 1 mile north of State Hwy 60. If you are a member of the American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, or the Sons of the American Legion and are in our area, stop by for a visit.  Guests are always welcome.   A Brief Story of Who We Are: Our Post received its original charter on October 29, 1920 and has served the Lakeland/Mulberry area since that time. Our Post Motto is “We are veterans serving veterans and their families.”    We are a not-for-profit organization.  All members are volunteers and we depend upon our volunteer base to promote our goals.  As members of the Mulberry and south Lakeland communities, we work together with elected and appointed officials, law enforcement officers, as well as teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators from our local schools to promote activities that benefit our communities.  We offer our time, labor, experience, and skills... not to receive accolades or formal recognition, but to contribute to our community. Mulberry Post 72 offers college scholarships to graduates of Mulberry High School and to the descendents of Post 72 Family  as well as to qraduates of the Mulberry High School ROTC program. The Auxiliary Unit 72 also offers nursing scholarships. We welcome new members and volunteers with open arms.   Please contact our Post Adjutant if you would like to join our Post family.  

Legion Officers 2014/2015

Commander --------------------------------------------------- Joe Messoras
Adjutant -------------------------------------------------------- Brenda Tidwell
1st Vice C. ----------------------------------------------------- Jim Marques
 2nd Vice C. ----------------------------------------------------
3rd Vice C. ----------------------------------------------------- Henry Strickland
Finance Officer ----------------------------------------------- Phyllis Kapon
Historian --------------------------------------------------------
Chaplain -------------------------------------------------------- Abel Santos
Sgt-at-Arms --------------------------------------------------- Gordon Kapron
Judge Advocate ---------------------------------------------- Bob Hensler

Executive Committee

Ken Tulk
Paul Ellis Post 72
Chaplain  Abel Santos 

Contact the Chaplain to inform him of Post Family Members who are sick, hospitalized, or deceased. email:  Abel      Legion    72  

Mulberry Memorial Post 72 FL

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